Past Productions




“Can-Can In Deadwood”

CanCanPoster (1) in Neo filter

Can Can on Stage Deadwood’s Can-Can Dancers: Sunshine, Bridgit, and Luella.


“Deadwood Burlesque Show”

BURLESQUEBurlesque with Bridgit, featuring Mr. Anderson.

251Dora sends for the feisty girls of K.C. Look out Deadwood!


“The Boardwalk Debacle”

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The 2012 cast of The Boardwalk Debacle: (Left to right) Gardner Brenneisen as Solicitor Halpin, Wilbur Newland as Judge Bennett, Isaac Kermu as Attorney Silas, Crysti Ardavani as Dora DuFran, Ericka Newland as Mrs. Bennett.


“Calamity In Deadwood”

Calamity Jane outsidewithwhipnwhiskey

 Mary Amiotte as Calamity Jane, with her little brown jug.


“The Boardwalk Debacle”

Boardwalk Cast '13

The 2012 cast of The Boardwalk Debacle:  (Back) Isaac Kermu as Adam Silas, Bre Hanchett as Calamity Jane, Mary Amiotte as Molly, Jody Jeter as Mrs. Bennett, Crysti Ardavani as Dora DuFran, Lil Bit Doud as Poker Alice, Kerry Doud as John Dalton, (Front) Gardner Brenneisen as Mr. Halpin, Brady Jones as A.W. Merrick, Wilbur Newland as Judge Bennett.

boardwalk poster 2015 for web


“Scrooge of Deadwood”

Scrooge of Deadwood

Wilbur Newland as Al Swearengen, aka the Scrooge of Deadwood, and Isaac Kermu as Dan.


“The Boardwalk Debacle”

Entire stage Silas closing

The 2014 cast of Boardwalk Debacle: (Left to Right) Kerry Doud as John Dalton, David Gunter as Wild Will, Isaac Kermu as Badger Clark, Lil Bit Doud as Poker Alice, Marilyn Ardavani as Calamity Jane, Hailey Bridge as Mollie Johnson, Crysti Ardavani as Dora DuFran, Mary Cashon as Mrs. Bennett, Guy Darland as Adam Silas, Brady Jones as Mr. Halpin, Derek Henderson as Judge Bennett.

Will's gun draw

Dora DuFran is on trial in Deadwood…in a Saloon courtroom! The main witness, “Wild Will” shows off his impressive firearm to the Judge.  Only in Deadwood!

Dalton testimony

Attorney Halpin: “But your honor, all he said was yep and nope! How is that sufficient testimony?”

 Judge Bennett:  “This is Deadwood, son. That’s all anyone says.”



“Queens of Deadwood”

Queens of Deadwood Play


The mining camp of Deadwood is shaken up by the arrival of a mysterious new Madam.  Good luck, Madam! And everyone else in the crossfire…



“The Boardwalk Debacle”

Boardwalk Cast Colorful 15

The 2015 Cast of The Boardwalk Debacle: (Back) Bill Davis as Badger Clark, Marilyn Ardavani as Calamity Jane, Guy Darland as Judge Bennett, Julie Gunter as Mrs. Bennett, Lil Bit Doud as Poker Alice, Marvin Barry as Potato Creek Johnny, (Front) Genneca Houser as Delilah, Crysti Ardavani as Dora DuFran.

Boardwalk cast with happy customer 2015

 The cast with a very happy “birthday girl” in the crowd 🙂


“Nelly’s Revenge”

Nelly's Revenge Cast '16 filtered

The cast of Nelly’s Revenge 2016: (From left) Bill Davis as Miner Joe, Genneca Houser as Delilah, Marilyn Ardavani as Aunt Lil, Robert Pourier as Wild Will, Shawn Robertson as Sol Star, Wilbur Newland as Banker Garrett, (In Front) Jade Rodiack as Nelly, Crysti Ardavani as Dora DuFran.

Nelly Dora Delilah 2016

“Nelly’s Revenge” was featured on the Web Series Back Road Adventures.  Find them on Facebook and like them– We do!

Nellys Revenge Sign Black n White

Jade as Nelly 16



Miner Joe from Nelly 16

Bill Davis as Miner Joe…one of Nelly’s um, admirers.


Delilah 16

Come see us in Deadwood, because Delilah said so!

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Our original adult comedy productions are locally written and are taken from history. We portray original characters that forged the legendary lawless gambling town of Deadwood during the gold rush of 1876.